Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ten small steps towards being green (in ethos as well as brand)

Design Clarity lists some of the ways the new People’s Choice Credit Union has adopted environmentally sustainable design principles in their new store concept
Our design approach aimed to enhance the indoor environment quality (IEQ) of all new branches for members and staff
Our beGreen top ten for this project…
1. Good levels of natural daylight:
With daylight glare control for staff / member comfort and enhanced IEQ
2. Indoor planting: 
To improve IEQ, provide privacy screening, and connect with members
3. Transport & people-friendly branch nature:
Focus on accessibility, ease of access, diverse community usage, service-oriented layout, with unexpected surprise offerings. Borrow a shopping trolley, a beach umbrella, a green bag or even a bike in high-trafficked urban branches. Items are there free of charge to share and re-use.
4. Source local:
Australian made furniture sourced and manufactured locally to minimize our carbon impact in transportation
5. Waste management:
Designated recycling storage space in BOH area
6. Energy:
Lighting zoning over task areas with lower ambient levels, energy efficient LED fittings and lighting solutions, Section J BCA compliance
7. Emissions:
Low VOC emissions in specified materials - paints, flooring, tabletops
8. Site specific re-use:
For example, refinishing the existing concrete floor slab for the main branch flooring, retaining existing services and adapting for best efficiency
9. Recyclable content:
For finishes, materials and even products used within the branch
10. Renewable sources & responsible material specifications:
Tarkett IQ Natural vinyl flooring 75% natural and renewable material; 100% recyclable; VOC emissions 40 times lower than European standards; less use of water, energy and detergent; 30% reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs; best life cycle cost on the market
InterfaceFlor Carpet meeting room flooring InterfaceFLOR products attract full points under the Green Star Rating Tool for both Flooring Material Mat-2 criteria and Indoor Environmental Quality criteria for low VOC emissions.
Bolon green social strip flooring PVC is one of the most used plastics in the world and probably the most versatile of them all. The PVC-industry has managed to come through sometimes very hard criticism from both society and Environmental Organizations and is today a strong and healthy industry with an interesting future.

Tarkett Accent Excellence80 vinyl green tabletops 30% post-production recycled content. The TopClean X-treme Performance surface treatment reduces the use of water, detergent and energy, and ensures easy and low-cost cleaning and maintenance needing no wax or polish for life. Low VOC emissions, contributing to good indoor air quality. Up to 53% natural raw materials, such as salt and mineral fillers.

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